About Us

First conceived in 1960, since 1961 Simmons Illustration has steadily grown to be the powerhouse art source for numerous kitchen refrigerator fronts.  Initially based upon one person's uncanny ability to depict anything he could see or imagine, Simmons Illustration has subsequently developed into an industrial juggernaut, now employing nearly two people. Helmed by the mystic panjandrum, the amazing Scribbolo (aka John Simmons), this firm remains committed to the credo that "no presentation surface shall remain unsullied". 

Our hallmark is artwork noted for distinctive vision and distinguishing execution. Fortified with endless creativity, our fearless leader boldly leaps from the humdrum world of human existence into the digital realm. There he busily herds electrons into entrancing visual arrangements. Or, when constrained to the physical world, he fiercely slashes away with his pencils, brushes, and paint at equally daunting open expanses of canvas or paper.

Turn his frenetic energy to your advantage!      Clip-art is for sissies!